Sewer Excavation in Jersey city NJ

Sewer replacement contractors in NJ still usually replace a sewer line by digging up and replacing the sewer pipe.  Although there are many trenchless pipe replacement options available that do not require excavation of the old pipe, for many reasons those types of methods are often not available to homeowners or, if the sewer line is not obstructed, excavation of the sewer line is often lower cost than trenchless.

Sewer excavation to repair a broken sewer line  can seem like a long difficult process, but its one that we do every week so we know how to do it quickly and efficiently which allows us to offer a lower price on sewer excavation.

There are several steps to sewer line excavation:

  • Locate the Sewer Line – The first thing we need to do is accurately locate the entire length of the sewer line to ensure we are digging in the right location. We will conduct a video camera inspection of the sewer line and mark all of the sewer pipes.
  • Locate the Utility Lines– Anytime you are digging underground you can hit and potentially damage underground utilities.  In NJ and in every state there is a utility notification center that you call and they will  come out and hand mark the site with the locations of underground utility lines.  This is required to ensure that no publicly owned underground facilities will be damaged. Its a quick process and they usually stop by within 3 business days.
  • Apply for a Permit– In Jersey city NJ a permit is sometimes require for sewer repair to ensure that the work is done in accordance with town and state regulations.  The sewer contractor should apply for a permit before work is started and an inspector for your town’s building department will visit the work site, usually after the new sewer line has been installed but and the trench is still open.  His approval of the permit will ensure that it was completed in accordance with the relevant building and plumbing codes.
  • Break or Remove Obstructions – If there are any obstructions blocking access to the drain or sewer line, like sidewalks, driveways, slabs or any landscaping they will need to be removed before you can begin digging.  Typically, the sewer contractor will arrange for these items to be rebuilt or put back when the trenches are backfilled or you can decide to upgrade and do something new.
  • Dig the Sewer Trench – Sewer contractors will use heavy machinery to dig the soil as the soil is often densely packed and there may be many large rocks and tree roots embedded in the soil. If your sewer line failed during the winter it is also difficult to break frozen ground during NJ winters.
  • Replace the pipe – The broken sewer line is removed and new sewer line is installed.
  • Complete the Project – After the sewer replacement is complete and the township plumber inspector has approved it, the trench with be re-filled with gravel and soil.

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